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PFC Patrick Miller is coming to my school tomorrow. (it's supposed to be a secret) he's in my town to march in the Christmas parade. i'm trying to figure out a way of not skipping class, yet getting out of class to see him. so far, my only option is to skip. but i have to say if i get caught, and get suspended, it will definately be worth it. only myself and my friend know (besides staff) so i think i have a good chance of talking to him. tell you guys how it goes.....if i get caught, i'll have some explaining to do to VMI admissions in a couple of years....
Im sure you can make arrangments. I go the a Private High School and I was even allowed to skip class to listen to a pro-life speaker last month. Sounds great that PFC Miller is gonna be there, where do you live?
PFC Miller was former POW. he was in the same ambush as Lynch. he killed nine iraqis before he was captured-and that was the first time he had fired a weapon in six months.
i managed to get Msgt (my NSI) to write me a note requesting that my third block teacher let me out of class. after some convincing, she let finally let me go.
the experience was awesome. the news crews and journalists came into our unit. he and one other seargent sat down and told us the story about the ambush and what really happened. then he took questions. after he was done, i walked up to him and gave him the card i had gotten him. i've never seen a man turn as red as he did.
Miller is genuinly a gentlemen. he is the sweetest and most humble man i have ever met. i have a scrap book of the war and i have a page dedicated to him. i had the seargent sign one page and miller began to sign the same page. i said no no and turned to "his" page. he got a kick out of that. he was awesome. i mean just awesome. after today i admire him even more. i thought i was going to cry because i was so happy. i'll never forget this day as long as i live.
OH! and i'll be in the newspaper with him-they took our picture and with a couple of the other cadets. if they post the picture on the web i'll give you all a link. i'm just overwhelmed...on a natural high. i've been wanting to meet this man since i first heard about him in August and i never thought i would. my dream came true. now i just have President Bush to go and i'll be fully satisfied. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Wow all that sounds really cool. I stopped reading all war news a few weeks into the war because the media had no idea what was really going on so I didn't see a point in reading an article they were going to admit was bogus in a few weels anyways. If you have links or pictures of anything on him I'd love to see it.