Well it is not new, I just came across it however:

"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn't thinking."

Gen. George S. Patton
i found this one that is not on your patton page, its pretty good...

"Pacifists would do well to study the Siegfried and Maginot Lines, remembering that these defenses were forced; that Troy fell; that the walls of Hadrian succumbed; that the Great Wall of China was futile; and that, by the same token, the mighty seas which are alleged to defend us can also be circumvented by a resolute and ingenious opponent. In war, the only sure defense is offense, and the efficiency of offense depends on the warlike souls of those conducting it."
Additional Patton Quotation ???

IN the film about Patton with George C Scott, he his heard saying, "After war, all other forms of human endeavour pale in to insignificance".

I cannot find anything on the web which confirms this as a genuine quotation. Can anyone shed any light?