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Myself and another one of our mechanics were working on a couple vehicles while at Ft Hood one year and this is a conversation between Our S4 and the other mechanic. Our S4 was a stickler about extra parts we had on hand. For the forum I'll just call them by their rank.

Maj: What are you doing soldier?
SPC: Fixing these trucks sir
Maj: Whats wrong with them?
SPC: They're broke
Maj: whered you get these parts?
SPC: from the part getting place
Maj: Who gave you authorization?
SPC: that um...guy
Maj: you better give me a straight answer before I have a talk with your supervisor
SPC: If you're talking about SSG "name withheld" he's in there <points to motor pool office>

after chewing out the good SSG, the Maj leaves. Then SPC and SSG has a chuckle session. An hour later all vehicles are called to the motor pool for PMCS. All happen to have a deadline for some strange reason.

Maj: I need my vehicle for a briefing
SPC: sorry sir, its deadlined
Maj: it cant be fixed?
SPC: no sir we dont have the parts
I talked to SSG today who is now a SFC lol. I showed him the military jokes and we read all of them. We borrowed the one about not needing physical fitness and have plans on sporting the officerrank symbol joke to some of the majors in the unit. We are a Brigade HHD so we have plenty to pick on ;)

SSG also informed me that I left some of the convo out lol but it was mainly just one line.

Maj: wheres your document register?
SPC: I wasnt issued one with my toolbox, it may be in the number 1 common...