part of spec ops?


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I'm really interested in skydiving...I did it for my 18th birthday and I'm already addicted. I was just wondering if in the military, skydiving or parachuting, is only part of Special Operations? Thanks!!!!
No, otherwise we would have the largest Spec Ops force in the world. I have no idea about Airborne in the Navy, but in the Army, it's just a matter of applying/requesting BAC (Basic Airborne Course) and attending a three week course to become jump qualified. Of course, to be "Airborne" you need to be with an Airborne unit, but they are not SOF either.
For the most part, those that attend are Army SF, Rangers, LRSD soldiers, Navy SEALs, Navy EOD, AF PJ's, CCT's, SWO's, AF SERE instructors, USMC Recon (bn and force), parachute riggers, ALLIED nation troops, and selected DOD civilians, et al. However, MFF (Military free fall) is not restricted to SOF personnel.

If you're in the Marine Corps, you can forget it. They aren't in the habit of sending people to schools unless there is a need.

The Navy is pretty much the same way, but I believe you were once asking about EOD (correct me if I am wrong) and MFF is part of the pipeline training.

The Army will occasionally offer it as a re-up bonus, so they are by far the easiest to squeeze your way in with. But just because you go to the training, doesn't mean it will be anything more than a bolo badge. Very few units need this capability.

AF mainly sends their SOF fellas. Mark may know more about their end.