PAIN! In my legs...


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(Hmph--thought I had posted this earlier but it didn't show...apologies and please delete if 2 show up!)

The topic is taken from a jody that is sadly relevant at the moment. It turns out I may have a stress fracture in my right leg. :cen:! This means I won't be able to run for 4-6 weeks until it heals. Apparently it came from running too much on hard surfaces in old shoes.

Word to the wise: never EVER run in old shoes!
my pain isn't exactly from running, but I have Osgoodschluater (not sure of the spelling :? ) which causes pain when running. It's a common disease in boys when growing up. It's a legament that attatches your knee-cap to your growth plate and if there is too much stress, it may snap and maybe cause permanent damage and paralyze you...
Thanks for the well-wishings! Time to go schedule an appointment with the docs for x-rays. :( Looks like I'm going to be doing a lot more swimming and biking for a while.
Yar, so it's a stress fracture indeed. Sniffle. And apparently I have two of them in the same bone! :shock: Something the doc has never seen before.... ai. How come every time I get hurt it has to be complicated?

Anyway, I ran for the first time tonight. Well, jogged. For 1/2 mile. This apparently takes forever to recover. Thank goodness it's not next summer when I'm at training!
Glucosamine/Chondroitin. Buy it at any nutrition store, such as GNC. It's usually for people with arthritis, but I still take it for joint health. It also strengthens bones. Also make sure to take a lot of calcium.
You can get those from shin splints also...
I developed those in basic from doing drill every day. They hadn't bothered me for atleast 2 years and then I came over here and they came back. BLAH TO THAT!!!!!!! :D
AHHH! DON"T RUN ON IT! NO. Bad. NO NO. lol. i am serious. At the first track meet, i had a stress fracture in my ankle, I ran the 800... and ended up crying when I got done. It was bad. Staying on it, only makes it worse. It's not one of those, walk on it, it'll eventually pass things... believe me.

So I got another stress fracture in the other ankle. Yes, the boyfriend wanted to get me an elevator key from school, but I wouldn't let him.

And by the end of the season, I had shin splints too. Icy Hot - my best friend.
Pogue said:
aspirin. or aleve. helps a bunch :)
No it doesn't. It takes away the pain, yes, but not the reason for the pain. If you keep running because you can't feel the pain that should be telling you to stop, you'll only make your knees worse.
Anti-inflamatories are what you're supposed to take for shin splints...Motrin and stuff like that...I'm not too sure how they work on fractures though...Best advice is to go to a doc and do what he tells ya...Until then it's probably a good idea to wrap it and do ice packs....
look, get stuff from the doc. Take it like an hour before you run, even if it is 24 hour crap. Stress Fractures are mean, there is no such thing as relief from them completely. Ice it, wear Icy Hot all the time, it stinks but oh well, it works. Stay off of it, whatever you do. Put atheletic tape on it to hold it (or them) STAY OFF

i cna''t emphasize that enough.

it doesn't help with healing, it tends to make it worse