Over 5000 unique visitors in one day!!


The fire is everything
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A new record has been broken today!

For the first time there has been over 5000 unique visitors here in one day.
5650 visitors in total, about 5200 of them are unique visitors.. :D

It looks like google had a small update last night, because the site does now rank higher in several good search terms..
Including "prince of wales motto" ..... :lol:

Another Record broken yesterday..

Over 6000 visitors in one day (6120)...
This is so great! :D
Damn you guys are good
(I spread a word to my friends about this site though
but that doesnt count thousands of them) :lol:
FutureRANGER said:
American slang :D

(Canadian too I guess ;) )

:lol: I don't know, I've never heard that expression before.

Congratulations, Redleg! And the forums are approaching 1000 members pretty quick, too. I hope you don't forget us when you sell this for $5 million and a dozen pigs in a few years, I'm expecting a plastic plaque or at least a pen case when you retire. Just cause I'm pretty. :lol:
guess this ole forum aint just for breakfast anymore... :shock:

Its steak tonite honey! we are celebrating! Congrats redleg! :D