Other Flags..

I think you need to pick one country to be "patriotic" about, kind of defies the definition of the word to have two "paters," hooah? Haha just playing with you.
Errrr, Guys. I want a flag...

Wait I changed my mind, Err, I don't want Russias flag.


People have a tendence to judge you by that.

Though, I would like one.

Ok, Now I feel like having mutiple pesonalities. Errr.. That's.. Stabile.

I will get back to you when I have decided.

Gotta go do that brainscan again.. Heh..
Ukraine flag added to the flag shop.

POW/MIA flag added in a new "Show Your Support" shop.
diplomatic_means said:
Did you delete my post? I can't see it. Weird.

Redneck deleted you post, since he is a moderator on this forum.

You can PM me if you have any questions.