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I was wondering what diffrences there would be between the 9 week BCT shown on the Armys web site and the literature I recieved and the 14 week OSUT course. Thank you for your help.
OSUT is Basic Training with blocks of Specialized training according to MOS. For example, 19K (Tankers) go through OSUT. There are 8-9 weeks of common core tasks, and 5-6 weeks of tank specific learning.
And Basic Training is supposed to be getting a little longer here in the near future, as in adding one more week for a total of 10. Of course, the Army has been fooling around for years with the length and subjects covered in Basic Training and not really changed it much.

If you get a choice, go for the OSUT option as that minimizes travel time and the overall duration. That is, get all of the beginning stuff out of the way all at once and move on to your unit, where the fun begins. 8)
The only people that really get to go to OSUT are combat arms (excluding AD), MPs and chemical guys.