Osama Bin Laden .

Do you think Osama...

  • Was killed by the bombings.

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  • Died from his illness.

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Italian Guy

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Official version has it that the big bastard is still alive, although ill, in some remote caves between Pakistani and Afghani Kashmeer.

Some journalists or commentators say he must be dead either from his illness or from bombings.

Given the fact it makes no huge difference whether he's still alive or dead when it comes to the threat of terrorism to the West ( there are 2,000 other Osamas around the world ready to replace him ), do you believe he is dead, alive, or don't you have a clue?
Darkmb101 said:
If the guy isnt dead by now hes gonna meet a sticky end pretty soon :twisted:

No doubt about it, dude.
and SilverPhoenix I don't know for sure, but there seems to be no doubt about his being affected by problems to his rhines. Official sources. He's not in good shape anyways. But hell he's gonna get in a way worse shape uh?
Osama is an old man living in a part of the world where people don't live to be very old, he almost has to be sick, that or lucky to have lived so long and still be healthy.
He is alive somewhere. The problem is: is it gonna matter if he is alive or not? I think we have to catch him to slow down upcomin terrorists, not sayin stop because I dont think that will be possible. He needs to be caught to prove that we will eventually find them.
Last I heard for that i :cen: ot, is that he had bad pneumonia, I wish the bastard died!
And if he didn't, he'll be caught, dunno when!
I wish the bastard died!
Dont we all??
but,there are two variations of this,or he is dead and someone wants us to think that he is alive......or he is alive somewhere in some septic hole!