Operation Mezerg Shams


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this operation occurred in Mezerg Shams village in kasserine state ( province )
in wish Tunisian army SF ( GFS ) and national guard special Unit ( USGN ) eliminated 2 of al qaeda of islamic maghreb leaders
Video after the OP
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Nice work, as the saying goes when dealing with killing Al Qaeda the more the merrier.

Going off topic though Kasserine Province I assume is home to Kasserine pass where Rommels Afrika Korps couldn't help itself and kicked the crap out of the allies one last time?
I have always wanted to see the Bardo Museum (I have a thing for Roman mosaics) but next will be Spain and Morocco (to see Volubilis).
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Although the video is not in English it certainly catches the spirit of the conflict between the Tunisian armed forces and the terrorists. I wish you and the Tunisian army many more successes against these murderers!