Operation Flashpoint Mods


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Has anyone played the 2 main mods for flashpoint:

-Finish Defense Forces
-Invasion 1944

the FDF is ****ing awesome..loads more armoured units so you can make huge assault/defend missions with lots of big explosions

thew I44 mod is only a demo at the moment but is still good, it has all the infantry/navy/air and armoured units from d-day so you can make some cool missions on that
I love OFP been playing since release some buddies are making a afgan mod right now. Have not been able to keep up with them much since joining the army. But I have been reading about the 1944 mod for a while and cant wait for the finished product that team is working on. :D
Here, here...FDF is indeed awesome although I switched to WGL(WarGamesLeague) sometime ago.
If you're looking for even more realism than the original game can provide that's the way to go.