Online Military/War games...


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I thought we could post online military agmes we find here, Im talking the flash or javascript ones, not the big commercial games like Battlefield 1942.

Heres Some I've dug up!

World Domination:
Flash Game with realistic graphics.

The Ardennes Offensive 2
48 megabyte download but worth it. Turn based stradegy peices, definetly check it out!

More soon! Found any? Post em here!
Great post!

I'm not able to check the links now, I'm on a military computer..
Away at a C2IS (Command, Comtrol and Iformation Systems) course untill tomorrow evening.
I'll try to check out the links then, and post a couple more myself.

These are not really online flash games, but since I'm a Redleg I can't resist posting them here... :D

Scorched Earth originals and clones!
Scorched Earth is the ultimate classic Artillery Game, for those of you who doesn't know that..
These ones are downloadable in as zip files..

Scorched Earth v.1.2 (The Original one!!)

Scorched Earth v.1.5 (Improved version)

Scorched Earth 3D. A new clone of the game:
ah i see ok then nevermind.. their good game though and i believe their is some flash millitary games on under the shooting section