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If you are in uniform say I'm a Marine Corp private and in uniform and at lets say a Ga game, and a Army Captian walks by and he is in uniform do you salute or not?
Normally, I'd say "yes". As enlisted personnelle, regardless of Service Branch, you salute all Commissioned Officers. However, I don't know what a Ga game is, so I don't know about that.
if you are in uniform and you know for damn sure that an officer is going to pass you by, you salute...even if they are in civies. if you are in a foreign country and an officer of there military (as long as its a military recognized by the US govt) you salute even if they are enemy. Never salute in the field though,
When I was in CAP we were told to salute AF officers even though we weren't in the AF. Since our post was on Hickam AFB we ran into a lot of them. They'd never salute us back, but they appreciated the jesture.