One of my waccy notions again, but read please...


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Well, this Israeli company came up with the Idea of using mortar shels with cameras in them instead of a warhead. The Camera is fitted in a special shell(82mm if im not mistaken) has a parachute and and slowly drops to the groud sending video of enemy movments and such, and is meant for use as a tactical aid to commanders in the field...Anyways, this works very well in trials. So I was wondering(and, this might have allready been thought of) why not have AT mortar shells? I mean, a bigger mortar(120mm maybe?) could fire a mortar shell wich contains a AT-Heat seeking warhead. When it reaches a cerain altitude, the shell will come apart, and the warhead will have a small rocket engine to guide it to the target below...Think about it...From behind a ridge, a battery of mortars aims its fire on the enemy as it travels down a road....They never know what hit them....Well, yeah, I know its out there, just wondering if its possible at all, and dose it sound like a good idea?!
We actually already have bombs with submunitions that do that, can't think of their name right now (maybe one of the Zoomies knows?).
There are several different Arty shells with that capacity.
I'll return later with some more info...

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