One more from Viet Nam

Mark Conley

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War does produce some strange of the strangest during the Viet Nam conflict was addressed to the Commanding Officer of the 8th Tactical Bombing Squadron (8th TBS) as recounted by Elaine Shepard in her book "The Doom P*ssy"

Dear Sir:

It has come to my immediate attention that their is, to say the least, an unconfirmed report that there is a homosexual in our midst. To prevent the intense disgrace that public scrunity would lend to the situtation, I suggest that all members of the squadron should be immediately discharged and returned to the states. Honorably, of course.

P.S. I love you Sir.

For those that do not know, the DOOM was the Danang Officers Open Mess. Men that flew the night bombing and interdiction missions in the original B-57 canberra bombers often referred to the flak and anti aircraft that sorrounded these troops and supply trains as flying into the mouth of the cat of death. The p*ssy refers to the model of a cat which was kept on a mantel in the club. When nobody was killed during the day's missions, the cat was set to face outward. If a crew was killed, then the cat was set to face the wall.

Note: I have edited this story to replace a improper term with a more acceptable one. The original story used the improper term. Sorry if I potentially may have offended anyone. MC 5/3/2004