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finally today after a week of no comunication he called me from california.(hes there doing warfare mountain training). anyways i balled my eyes out crying when i heared his voice. we didnt get to talk for long but it made me feel so good inside to hear his voice. i miss him so much. he will be home on the 21'st. well thats all for now:love:
get a grip.... wait until he has to leave on deployment for a year.... that's ok.. I'll send over a guy named Jody... He'll take care of ya.
Don't worry, he's just pissed that I changed his title.
How he figured that out I dunno... probably ratted on Redleg or something hehe.
Perhaps I missed something, but why the HELL are y'all going off on this young lady?

Jesus - show some class. She's young and excited that her boyfriend/husband/lover/whatever finally had an opportunity to talk to her while in training.

The true measure of a gentleman is in his manners.

AF Girl, I am glad for you!
I agree. Feelings are certainly nothing on which joking. She has needed to show them off and just that.

I am happy with her happyness :love:

Good luck and live your love as much as possible.
Am so glad I dont have to deal with men and their baggage LOL, its so wonderful to be FREE!!!!! and get to do what I want, when I wanna...*wink* hahahhahahaha...ah. life. its truly wonderful!!! lol.