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Michael Childers here of Marietta Georgia. 10 year Navy Veteran living the civilian life now. Married for 8 years and have twin 5 year old daughters. I own a construction business and my wife is a senior V.P. of human resources. Originally from St. Louis Missouri (GO REDBIRDS!!!!) and have lived in Georgia a little over 2 years now.

Grandson of the late and honored PFC Francis M. Childers, 66th Infantry Division, 262nd Infantry Regiment A/T Company and Company "E" of the 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division. KIA in Bennsheim Germany March 31st 1945. Resting at Lorraine American Cemetary, St. Avold (Moselle) France.

I am an avid collector of American Civil War relics and artifacts and also United States Army from World War 2.

Look forward to being a part of the forums...
Check out the history of Denis Buckley on the net. His Medal of Honor was earned posthumously at Battle of Peech Tree Creek during Civil War. He is buried there at the Marietta National Cemetry.

Bart Armstrong
As a CW follower, have you visited Marietta National cemetery. Therein is a new stone unveilded just a few years ago to Canadian born CW MOH recipient Denis Buckley, who's grave had the wrong name on it for over 140 years. Lots on net about it.

Have you any reliocs of the Battle of Peach Tree Creek, where Buckley was killed?

Bart Armstrong
Victoria BC