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Ok, again, Im talking about B-ball. Hapoel Jerusalem just took the ULEB cup.They won 83-72 agains Real Madrid, one of europs finest teams. That is one of the three Europian titles available. Now, Maccabi Tel-Aviv is in the final four of the Euroleague, and Hapoel Tel Aviv isin the final four of the Europleague. What dose this mean? It is possible that all the titles will be in Israeli hands this year!!!!1 :cheers:

Well, the Israeli league is boring, but the Euroleagye and ULEB cup are very popular here(the Maccabi games get 30% ratings)

Status report:

ULEB Cup- Hapoel Jerusalem was the winner.

Europleague- Hapoel Tel-Aviv was 3rd.

Euroleague- The final game is in Tel-Aviv this Weekend, and Maccabi Tel-Aiv is likely to win...

od lo nolad haben zona shyatzor et Israel.

Well, i doubt it...the NBA teams have so much money.....But Maccabi Tel-Aviv had a couple of encounters with NBA teams...Mostly they pulped us...But we had a couple of wins....

acctually, they could have made it 120-74, but they decided to shake hands 20 seconds to the finnish, as it was pointless(plus some of the bench started wearing their championship T-shirts about 5 mins before the game was over(at 48 advantage...)...what a massacre...