Odd rifle caliber


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I found this old smooth bore rifle in my dad's collection He didn't know much about it. It's too small for a .410. A 9mm catridge slips into the breech and gets stuck. The muzzle is smaller than 9mm.
I'll put some pics in my album.

Any ideas?

Found some markings

I found some markings under the forearm (I can't seem to upload pics)
There are three German proof marks, a crown over an S (Indicates Shotgun), a crown over a B and a crown over a U, both seen to indicate single proof, foreign arms.
There is a 78/41 marking inside a circle. I can't find a reference for that.

There is also a stamp that says 8,3mm. I figured that meant 8.3mm caliber, but the reference I found seems to indicate that might be the cartridge length. Which would make sense since it's a shotgun?

There is one more marking:

Not sure what that indicates.

So, this is a single shot, break open German shotgun of some sort...
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I can see the pictures, unfortunately, I can't help you with your queries. George and Remington are good with these things. They will help you, I hope.