Obama, China's Xi pledge cooperation and joke about first lady

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U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged cooperation between their countries and chatted about first lady Michelle Obama's recent trip to Beijing when they met prior to a nuclear summit on Monday. In remarks to reporters ahead of their meeting, Obama said he and Xi would discuss the situation in Ukraine, denuclearization of North Korea, and fighting climate change. Obama said the bilateral relationship between the two countries was as important as any in the world. Through various meetings and forums, Obama said, "We're also able to work through frictions that exist in our relations around issues like human rights, dealing with maritime issues in the South China Sea and the Pacific region in a way that is constructive and hopefully will lead to resolutions and … solutions for all parties." Xi made a point of thanking Obama for U.S. help in searching for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight which had a large number of Chinese passengers.