OB, Oscar, Soju

I'm going to assume I havent, but if you dont mind me asking, what do they stand for?
OB Lager is a beer.
Soju is a spirit very close to vodka.
Never come across an Oscar before.

The previous two are Korean, I'm assuming so's the third.
Yes I've had my times with Soju.
I'm here Hulk.

We had a Admin Cpl who pulled duty driver during Bearhunt 85. He went to pick up mail from Regiment. On the way he also picks up a couple bottles of Sojou. Tanks up rolls the M151 and takes a dump to Pfc. Plus 90/90. And reimbursement for the jeep.

I was more in to the OB or Crown .

And I couldn't drink peach Oscar but I could drink my wieght of Grape Oscar.

Memories I'm startin to tear up. Road trip to Pohang?