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NY JOURNAL OF BOOKS adding reviewers with military history expertise. Aim to be premier source—bar none—for professional, esteemed book reviews. Recently profiled in Publishers Weekly. http://nyjb.net
NYJB has recently been profiled by Publishers Weekly because it is the one existing online review that has captured the attention of the publishing world. The New Yorker also recently cited NYJB. Our reviewers are both published authors and others able to write compelling reviews of books in their areas of professional or equivalent expertise. Please apply only if you are a published author/writer or have professional expertise in military history.

160 reviewers.
Our reviewers have written:
550+ traditionally published books
600+ published short stories and poems
24+ plays
12+ screenplays/teleplays
30,000 articles (our reviewers with long careers add substantially to these numbers)
4200+ reviews of books (more than 1000 for New York Journal of Books)
Our reviewers are also winners of more than 75 literary and professional awards.

Visit us at http://nyjournalofbooks.com to see the future of book reviewing. This should help you decide if you’d like to review or perhaps just introduce you to a highly professional online book review site where you will discover, alongside some of the big bestsellers, books you would otherwise never find. For quotes from many of our reviewers expressing why they review for NYJB, click http://www.nyjournalofbooks.com/news/why-we-review

We are increasingly quoted, traffic to the site has grown dramatically, feedback is 100% positive, and we are swamped with requests for reviews. We generally publish reviews at 12:01 A.M. on date of release so that we are the first review of any new book we critique.

The Journal reviews both mainstream releases as well as many books in niche or non-mainstream genres and books by first-time authors than are infrequently covered by the other respected review publications.

Our permanent website after months on beta has been up since October. We are deep into the remaining administrative tech work that introduces new state-of–the-art function to the publishing world.

Reviewers all set their own pace for submitting reviews and are never asked to review books they prefer not to read.

We do not anticipate any material profit until the tech build is complete so that we can focus singularly on commercializing. And so, we are currently unable to pay reviewers for the reviews they contribute. However, we believe that most writers are underpaid for their work. It is our sincere hope and plan that the success of the New York Journal of Books will become a material source of supplementary income for all reviewers. In the meantime, you may post a link to your own site on your reviewer page. Visit our site and click on a reviewers name in any review to look at some of our reviewers’ sites.

If interested in reviewing, please visit: http://www.nyjournalofbooks.com/reviewer-application or send the info in form to:


Only COMPLETE applications can be considered. Sample reviews are a must as well as full description of credentials. Academic degrees are not considered the equivalent of professional experience. However, working as an educator is considered true professional experience.

While you will be asked to note frequency of reviews, we understand that circumstances change and you will always set your own pace.

Thank you.
Editors of New York Journal of Books