Now that i'm stuck in my position for a while...

You're getting too far ahead of yourself, focus on your 25m target first. Getting through OSUT. They aren't going to send you to any schools until you have some time at the unit and have proved yourself.

That said, there is a Scout/Sniper school in Little Rock, Arkansas. It is a terrific school run by former Marine, Ranger, SOTIC, and regular Army snipers. They managed to take all the good stuff from Bragg, Quantico, and Benning and turn it into one hell of a sniper course. Sometimes they run a 2 week course which is grueling and sometimes a 3 week course. As of 2001, anyone that graduates is awarded the B4 ASI just as if you had gone to through the course at Benning.
But in answer to your question, yes with a LARGE "IF". If your unit is a combat arms unit with sniper slots. If they can appropriate the money for that unit to send you. If you are a desinated "sniper" for your unit.

But, back to Rndr Safe's comment. Best to get a parachute before you jump out of the plane.
Oh I completly understand that i am 900 steps ahead of myself. Just getting excited, thats all. That kinda brings me to my next question. 25m target? Anyone have any tips for this (Besides SWAG or BRAS)?
I'm used to shooting high powered rifles, with telescopic sights... i've never shot a rifle with iron sights, or even open sights for that matter. Only shotguns and air rifles. I hope they're similar.
TheSunsetSniper said:
i've never shot a rifle with iron sights, or even open sights for that matter.

That's the wrong answer there. Firing a rifle using iron sites is not only much more useful (your optics, if you are even given any, may break), but it will also greatly improve your performance when you DO use a scope (this has been my experience). Also, when you qualify with the M16AWhatever, you won't have optics, so if I were you, I'd take my scope and toss it in the closet then hit up the ranges, get comfortable with iron sites (nothing at all like the bead on a shotgun, either).
I NEVER use a scope unless it's a 4-700 meter shot. If you use iron sights and step to glass, the transition is childsplay. The reverse is NOT true. Truth is, ANYONE can shoot glass effectively with very little training. Not so on iron sites.
This is my experience as well..

Our AG-3 rifles (7,62mm) has open iron sights, and it's no problem (with some practice) to hit targets 3-400 meters away.
Put a scope on it, and it's childsplay..

Don't fool yourself and practice with scopes on distances like that.
Air rifles with open sights can be good for practicing your aim if you don't have any other options.
1 1/2 miles. Thats 7,920 feet or 2,640 yards, or 4752 meters??? 50 cal. maybe, doubtful with 7.62. Personally, I think it could be done but no matter, I think it was lucky shot or bullshit.
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