Not military, just funny.


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I was standing by my car, saying good bye to my friend, after having spent the evening at his house watching a video.

We were chatting and this lady walks by yelling "Chewy! Chewy!" We look at her puzzled and then a dog comes trotting out of the front door of the house that my car was parked in front of.

I say to the Lady "Is that your dog?" She says "Yes!" I say "Is that your house?" She says "No!"

The dog had a piece of pizza in its mouth...
Do tell! My friend said she was at a dog show and she was walking around with a bagel and cream cheese and a great dane lept up and grabbed it out of her hand.
She said it was so funny the way it happened. All these people were watching and they all laughed.

Which reminds me of the time I was in Jamaica lying on the beach and I swear to God, I had bought some fried fish and put it by my towel. I lay down and I heard all these people laughing. I turned around and a goat had my fish in his mouth.

I was so mad I chased him down the beach but I never caught up with him. I know its hard to believe but I swear it happened!
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rotc boy said:
a goat, i remember a funny story involvinga goat, a trained monkey, and 1/2 a piece of pizza...

Go on - you've got to finish vhat you started ;)

ok, if you really want to here it, here goes:

This pizza store was doing a promotion where one of the cooks pet monkeys was gong to make a pizza. So the monkey made a pizza and they had some people that was there trying it, and down the road about a mile was a petting zoo and a goat had escaped. Well, the goat found it's way to the "party" and saw the pizza and i guess decided it wanted some, so it went over to the trash and took an unfinished piece out and the monkey jumped on it's back while it was doing this which scared the goat, i was riding by on my bike while this was happening and fell over laughing :lol: