Norwegian Soldier Killed in Afghanistan!


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One Norwegian ISAF soldier was killed and another one injured when their vehicle was attacked by (3) AT rockets (probably RPG-7) just outside the Norwegian camp in Afghanistan.
Two others in the vehicle was not physically harmed.
They were on their way back from a routine patrol, and as far as I know they were ambushed and could not defend themselves much.

This is the first Norwegian soldier killed in the war on terror...

I heard this on the news on my way to work this morning, there hasn't been released anything officially from the Army yet, so I don't know if this is someone I know or not yet..

RIP brother!

Haven't found any news in English yet, so this is all I got so far.
They used an unarmored vehicle like the one in the picture.
It's a modified MB290 GD, with a 12,7mm on the roof.
There are also versions with 7,62mm MGs in the front and back as well.
Please accept our condolences for those slain so far away from their homeland, in support of another country. :(
Thanks Mark..

One soldier killed may not sound like much, since we hear about killed Americans on the news almost daily, but for the Norwegian Army this is a great tragedy.
Because we are so small, almost everyone knows everyone (or someone who knows), our entire Army is about the same amount of soldiers as one American military camp....
This is also the first Norwegian soldier killed in action in many years..

We haven't got the name of the killed soldier yet, but he is from my camp, so I'm afraid it may be someone I know..

Here's some more about it from
Every life sacrificed in the war against terror is a life given in defense of us all. May God rest his soul and may He bring peace and strength to this hero's family, friends, and countrymen. We are all grateful for brave men like this.
Thanks for your support guys..

The names has been released now, and it was (luckily) no one I knew personally..
But seing the Norwegian flag around a coffin is quite powerfull stuff, I have many friends down there:

The Taliban has officially announced that they were the ones responsible for the attack.
Two suspects has been arrested already, but I have no more news about that right now.

I really hope they get those bastards!!
Those guys sure know how to make friends (like the insurgents in Iraq kidnapping Japanese and Russian citizens, guys from countries that oppose our action :? ).

I hope they roll up the rest of the Talibans involved soon.
RIP. God bless you Norwegians, you keep peace for people far away, and thats what you get for your trouble.... :?

Got me a Norway flag. You people deserve some support for the crap youget trying to help.