Norway Steals U.S. Submarine!

And the best part of that story is that the Americans had promised a finders-fee of one case of beer (cheapos!), and the guy who found it doesn't drink beer.. :lol:
In Norway it's usual to get a 10% findersfee, so he should expect to get a bit more than a case.. :lol:

There is also another minisub that's missing from exercise "Blue Game", the Brits this time.
A British ROV (remote operated vehicle), type PAP 104 Mk5, dissapeared from the minehunter HMS Penzance on Saturday.

I can't help it, but I think they fits real nice on my office desk.. :lol:
Dang,you dont yust lose a milion dolar sub,This country of mine aint got milion dolars in army buget and you lose a sub,shees :lol:
Were you on that exercise, Redleg?

And I hear those ROVs make great swim toys for children :lol: .