North Africa, 1939-1945


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Does anyone know any brits that fought in N.Africa? i'm trying to trace any surviving members of the RAF that may have served alongside my grandfather.
Yup, sure do, well sort of.

1. My Step Grandad's father, was a Tank driver in El Alamein, he was driving in an open turret. They got hit, he was blown out of the cabin thanks to it being open, although the rest of the crew died.

2. My Grandad's friend: Was injured in a battle and was left behind. I can't remember why, but all wounded were left behind.
He said they were all terrified of the Germans.
The Germans came, and captured them, but, Rommel was with them, and ordered all British soldiers and captives to be taken to hospital.
My Grandad's mate said they treated him great, he said Rommel even visited and spoke to them, he told the were fine soldiers, he even saluted them.

3. Another of my Grandad's mate, well his father was killed in a tank at El Alamein.

Hope that helps.
thanks, it sure does. my Grandad was a combat engineer/mechanic and did fight in many battles in N.Africa, and i think El Alamein may have been one of them. but he is dead now, and the rest of my family who MAY have been able to tell me anything about him are dead.
thanks, my grandad died in 1986. he usually only fixed planes (or birdies ;) ) , but during the heavy fighting, he probably had a bash at tanks as well :D . he was scottish, and i have no idea what regiment he served in, but yes, my great uncle confirmed that he fought at El Alamein and possibly even Tobruk (he's not sure). :D
n africa

My uncle wallace (2nd liuetenant) fought in nth africa at El Alamein and Tobruk, before he got shipped to the pacific to fight.
he fought with the 6th cav commandoes (there mounts were bren gun carriers).