Normandy reinactment


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Normandy beach reinactment....Well i attened a airsoft game a couple of weeks ago wich was based on the landing in Normandy..It wasnt a strict reinactment because most of us were using M16's and Ak's so it wasnt that real. But the people whos property it was on spent quite a bit to get the field look like Normandy.there are some pictures here:
of different things. There are 4 pages just click the things at the top like OP: Overlord- Taking the Hill for the other pages. It was an excellent game. History was not changed the first game with the allies capturing the hill. But in the second game the axis defended and won. We had 70 people in attendence to this game and we played at about a 20/50 or so ratio..... i just wanted to share the pictures with you guys...some of them are some good shots...