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Howdy everyone! I'm just a dude getting ready to go into the CAP as a senior member within the next few weeks.

I'm a former AFJROTC C/Capt. and planned on joining CAP a few years ago, but obligations in college and some other things kept me from signing up. Now that I'm graduating in August, I need something to do on Thrusday nights and decided to go into the CAP.

That's about the extent of my "military" experience. Just wanted to give a shot out to everyone.
hmmm... did u not run across the CAP thread> J/P hehe, yeah i am currently in CAP... am turning in my membership, will hopefully join as a SM later :-D Welcome to the Program, its quite an experience! What wing? (state)

IM me if u gots ne questions... and check out the thread... its more then you ever wanted to know! :p
oh yeah, Chris... check out a big CAP site, and ROTC, and about anything under the sun when it comes to military... and actual milirtary people, yall can surf through there, offer tips and stuff. its all good
Thanks everyone. I'll most likely join up with the Asheville Composite Squadron/ NC wing. That might swap over to one in Tennessee within the next few years, if I move, but not sure yet.

And yes, I did run across that post. Small world huh?
ahhhh asheville! Tell (she was a LT, i don't know what she is now) Jernigan that someone from Squadron 1 at encampment said hello! :-D

I hope to visit that sq. when i'm up there during the summer

Asheville is a very good squadron, from what i've heard they are one of the best... very good with drill i've heard.. very official... good luck!