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Was the war on Iraq worth it / right or was it wrong ?

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its very hard to say now.From one side of view u have liberated Iraq with free power of will,on the other side u have numerous dead soldiers,incidents like that one in u ask ur self if ur american:"was it worth of making USA a world object for unaprovals from the rest of the world?"
Its an opinion so don't take this wrong...because I don't really know with certain anymore why we went to war with Iraq.

If it was about a removing a dictatorship that was hiding and aiding the evil terrorists that attacked america and the attacks will now stop; yes it was right.

If it was about removing an dictatorship that was going to once again destabilize the region by another expensive war on his neighbors, and disrupt everyone in the world; okay sure it was right.

If it was about making sure that our country (USA) would have its oil for heating during the winter and driving our cars; no it wasn't right.

I have no idea what is going on...I have been on many deployments to aid countries in need in the past, but they always had a definite goal, and a definite time table. These last couple of times the US has gone out...the goals ain't as definite...the timetable ain't sure ...and they haven't come back as quickly (look at Kosovo and Serbia, for examples other than middle east) ...and its really starting to bother me.

Once again, its just my opinion
Well im split as several here are! Marksmen put it in a good way, also the question is if all of the reasons for it was the right once, Mark did a good job covering that!
Darkmb101 said:
if the world was black and white then i'd give u answer, but since the world isnt, i dont know

Yeah, then use the I dont know option, Darkmb.

Mark is right, I think. It's been a mostly right decision but for some reason it's getting confusing now. I'll have clearer ideas around Sept I guess, and I hope that'll be in the positive way.
If you ask me, Saddam had it coming for 12 years. We shoulda kicked his ass in '91. This war was long overdue. Dubya is just finishing what his paw didn't.
The French and Russians were pushing to life the sanctions.

It would only have been a matter of time until Saddam was free to get revenge on the US for forcing him to abide by the UN resolutions. He would have come after us, though perhaps through terrorist proxy.

We most definitely needed to remove him.

I think the rebuilding effort is a way to make amends with the Iraqi people for failing to help them sooner and turning our back during the post Gulf War revolt in the south. We can't undo our history with Saddam, but we cna make it right by helping the Iraqis now.
I do feel it was the right thing to do, and that the Iraqi people will benefit from it in the long run. They are much more appreciative then western media is likely to show, as showing anything posative is not "chic". You don't hear how Iraqi's now have better schools, hospitals, better water supplies, and electricity then they had before the war. Once the Iraqi's can see a brighter future they will be more inclined to help put down the thugs of Saddam's old regime who realize they have no future in a new iraq......nor should they given the horrible things they did to their own people. The costs of this war are great (just losing one of our soldiers lives is a great loss), however compared to any previous military operation of this magnitude, it has been the most successful in modern history. With minimal loss of life. (Comparatively speaking to say Vietnam, Korea, etc.) A stable region at the worlds largest oil supply is vital for economic stability, and economic stability is the biggest factor in ensuring peace through out the world.

That said, not to be cold hearted...but if it was wrong? Well it's an evil monkey world. Every once in ahwile the top evil monkey needs to beat another little evil monkey down, just so the other evil monkey's don't lose respect and think about trying something. =P Let's face it whose gonna miss that dirt bag or his filthy sadistic sons. Least he gets to serve one last purpose.

Totally worth it and right, from my point of view... Hussein is out of power, Iraq has a democratic government, and Americans gained another opportunity to show that we are indeed a superpower and can easily take down a dictatorial government.

Of course that's just my opinion...