Newbie here!


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Hey everyone! I'm another newbie. I'm 19 and in a sophomore in college with a major in nursing. I'm not actually in the military at this point in time but I have been giving serious consideration to the Navy. I came across this site in my search for information. :)

Welcome to the fourm and if you have any particular questions concerning the military let it be known there are plenty of knowlegeable people in here.
Welcome to the forum Deenasaur. The best of luck in what ever your future military endeavers will be. I'm a little partial to the Army...LOL
Ahh, there's a Deenasaur loose in the forum! :lol:

Welcome, and good luck with your future career! :)
Fear the Deenasaur! Just kidding.. I'm actually quite harmless unless provoked. Thanks for all the welcomes! :D