New type of military recognition quiz-Admin/Mod opinion plz


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Hey there.

It should go like this:

You have a pic
Then you might have up to three questions generally about mark, model, type, which branch of whosever military is using that exact model as in the pic.

Each question would be worth from around 20-40Mb, but if a single person answers all three correct they would get something around 150-300Mb, depending on the difficulty.

As I don't post that much to cover these "expenses" on a daily basis(I "earn" around 30 on average...I think) I would be suggesting a single rule for this quiz.
The person who answers one of the questions, be it wrong or right gets 5Mb for his reply.
I'm asking for a donation of 1Mb per post in the quiz thread so that eventually the thread becomes self-sufficient.
However, as always in life there's bound to be someone that answered and wouldn't donate.
Any suggestions/opinions on this?

I can't say that I did understand your "business model"?? :?

1. Collect Underpants
3. Profit

(Hint: South Park.. :lol: )
The picquiz was very sucsesful, but I ran out of hardware that people had any posibble way of knowing... :D
This is a test, no donations just yet. :D


1. What type? =10Mb
2. What model variation? =30Mb
3. Which branch of military does it belong? =50Mb

All together are worth 120Mb.
I'm just wondering how you'll get the milbucks to pay for all of the prizes?
you can do the trivia if you want, like anyother post in the trivia forum.

Oh, and that is aT-80ROK, perhaps?
Redleg said:
I'm just wondering how you'll get the milbucks to pay for all of the prizes?

With donations.
See, the single rule says that if you vote, you have to deposit 1Milbuck (Mb) onto my account, by voting you make 1 post which equals 5Milbucks and you're in the green anyway...

SilentDriller and Sherman both took a guess and if this would have been a game and not a test they would deposit 1Mb each and so forth...

@SilentDriller & Sherman:

It's not an M1 nor a T80. What made you think it was Korean?
The red star? j/k