New Truck Gun for New Truck


Milforum Mac Daddy
Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures. Anyways.... got a new truck so I figured I needed a proper truck gun. Century Arms WASR-10 with 75rd Romanian Drum, UTG Rail, Streamlight M3 on the right side of the rail, Pakistani H&K G3 Sling, Tapco Warsaw Length Stock, Magpul Moe Stubby VFG. I have invested in the AK about $150.00. It was a sweet deal of a trade..... The safety is on and the chamber is empty. Secured it with a thick steel cable lock to the steel frame in the truck.

I was bored and I've always wanted something for long distance trips. Just in case the SHTF when I'm traveling half of Florida. So I started to play around with the different rifles I have and the AK just was perfect. Fits under the rear seat as if it was made for it form the factory.