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I was thinking that having a special part of the forum set aside for people just entering the service to ask those of you with more experience about the different facets of military life. Kind of both a "second opinion" from their recruiter and as a way to prepare themselves for military life. Just a thought, I don't know how many members would be benifited by it, but you might be intereted in it.
This sounds like a good idea.
Do you have any suggestions for a name for a Topic like this?

I can add it later this week.
I dunno, not the most creative person here when it comes to stuff like that, but maybe something along the lines of "War Stories" or something that denotes veterans telling their tales, or maybe "Briefing Room." Not horribly catchy, but they're about as good as I get with names.
Just a suggestion, ot would help to have an active member of the US military involved if were gonna assemble that kind of forum.