New to forum: Just back from abn school

Welcome to the forum IAintNoLeg...WELL I WAS a leg...then went Mech just before I got out. Don't forget, you can choose a job as an officer but, there's a little clause that says "For the needs of the Army". So don't be surprised if you get into the Infantry. I hope you get what you want. Best of luck to you in your future career. HOOOORAAAHH!!
Infantry isn't so easy to get. Don't be surprised if you don't get infantry.

Also, as I said in another thread, until you've proven yourself in an infantry abn unit or similar, I would forget the term "leg."
Hiho IAintNoLeg and welcome :cheers: . This may be a little :eek:fftopic: , but please tell the stupid german :stupid: what a " LEG" is :oops: .

Greetz Joker