New Terrorist Tactic


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The damn terrorists have sunk to a new low. Roadside bombs, suicide bombers, bombs strapped to babies, but this…it’s just DARN WRONG.


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I'm safe. Heineken is crap. Now if it was British New Castle or Irish Red then I'm somewhat screwed.... I go and get some Fobbit REMF go and get it for me. I'll have the beer but it's going to be slightly warm.
Heineken.... I remember drinking that out of those lil kegs on a beach in florida with a towel over it. Everyone started thinking I was crazy when I said it had an after taste that reminded me of bananas, and I hate bananas. One beer though? Would that suffice for the average american grunt? Wouldnt a 30 wrack or 6 40 ozs of steel reserve be required?