New Quotes and Mottos added today...


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Adding several new quotes and mottos today.

Otto von Bismarck
A couple of new Funny Quotes
Napoleon Bonaparte
Omar N. Bradley
Vegetius Renatus
Erwin Rommel

Also new quotes on: O, H, M, N, L and F

New Mottos, Over 600 mottos now :D : artillery.htm ops.htm mottos.htm

Other than that I have added a Military Poster section,
If you are interested in buying some real nice Military related posters you can try here:
Military Posters
And I have a couple of new domain names for sale...
(some military related, and some non-military...)

Hm, that should be it..
These are quotes and mottos from the forum and from e-mails.
Contact me if I have forgot to add one you have posted or sent me.

Enjoy.. :D