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Hello I am David I found this site while in a military chat room and thought i would check it out. This is just the kind of thing i have been looking for. You will have to forgive me for my lack of typing skills but I'm trying. Right now I am stationed at Ft. Riley in the BIG RED ONE (if your going to be one be a big red one). Can't say that i enjoy life here at Riley but I'm getting along. I spent a couple of years out at Ft. Bragg in the 82nd. I loved that job "All The Way". Well I don't really have a whole lot to offer this site but if I have an opinion i will surely let you guys know.

:rambo: Thanks
Well welcome to the site and I am glad that it is what you were looking for I am sure that you will have some interesting viewpoints on things
Welcome to the forums Sarge, I'm sure that you (as everyone else here) has a lot to offer! :)
Welcome David well we have one thing in common - Im not used to write in English but I try and with a little bit of help from the Swedish English Dictionary Im doing allright I think. I talk much better English then I write thats a fact. :lol:


Thank you everyone for your welcome. I want to say that this is probably the most informative and fun site i have been to yet. I think i will get a lot out of this. I really like your milbank and video game thing it is pretty nifty. Something to keep people interested in the site. I know I became bored in the last forum site I was involved in because there was nothing there that was fun or provided incentive to keep posting. Whoever came up with this thank you.
Welcome to the forum sgtbreeden. I hope you enjoy this site as much as you say you will. There are some great people here.
Welcome, Big Red One-ian.

I might PM you in a little bit, got a few questions for a 1ID member.

Enjoy your stay :rambo: