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Hello to everyone out there. I'm a little late posting my intro but better late than never.
I'm from Oklahoma. I was in the Airforce from 1962 to 1966 as a heavy equip. operator. I learned one thing in the military. If you want it you won't get it, if you don't want it it's yours. I volunteered to go anywhere in the world witht the Airforce and they didn't send my anywhere for a long time, then with 9 months to go they ask me if I wanted to re-enlist and I said no and that I didn't want to be shipped anywhere. Guess what? They sent me to Nam with 6 months left. I must admit though I wouldn't trade that experience for anything other than getting rid of the guilt for not experiencing what the majority of combat troops did while they were there.
I found the forum while looking for information for my son who is in the Army and on his way to Iraq.
I enjoy looking at all the post especially quotes etc.
Thanks for this cool web site.
Welcome smitty. It's good to have another old timer here. Don't worry about the Nam thing brother. I'd have traded places with any fly boy most of the time ;) I spent my tour humping the central highlands with the infantry. They'd send us to places like DaNang for R&R and we'd really appreciate the break because they only got shelled once a night there. That gave us an opportunity to see how the other half lived though.
Welcome Smitty, doesn't matter what you did during Vietnam us young enlisted and commisioned guys appreciate all of you who served over there just the same. What unit is your son in??
Welcome to the forum, Smitty, thank you for your service. My Dad was AF during that time, too, and I am very proud of what he did.
Welcome Smitty, as DTop said, it is good to have some more old timers here, makes me not seem quite so old. :lol:

Great to have ya here. Enjoy the site!
Welcome Smitty. I think we could use some more old timers the more you guys show up the younger I get to feel. ;)

Thanks for the warm welcom.
DTop, I was at DaNang. Our barracks were right on the runway. There were F4's taking off two at a time (w/afterburners) 24 hours a day. I learned to stutter because of the noise. Ha, Ha.
Rotty 261, My son is in A 2/17 Field Artillery which is part of the combat support team for the 2nd Brigade of the 2nd Infantry Div.
I'm not quite sure how to take " old timer", but I guess I'll have to live with that.
Thanks again.
smitty, take it as is was intended. You're one of us :D I wasn't at DaNang until 1970 but there were always plenty of F4s and C130s there. Welcome home brother.
hello to smitty from another oklahoma Air Force type person.

My father was at da nang too. You guys wouldnt have crossed trails though. Glad to see you on-board!

mark :D