new member from mosul


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i'm currently deployed in mosul, iraq as part of 1st bde, 25th id(stryker). i'm a stryker commander, have been one for awhile, so if you've got stryker questions, i can probably help you out
Welcome to the forums tourak.

There have been a few Stryker discussions in here in the past, so you can do a search fro "Stryker" and add to them if you want to...

Edit: I see that you've already found one.
First hand experience is always appreciated. :)
Welcome to the forums, Sergeant. :D

I'm glad you've decided to join us. As Redleg stated, your firsthand experience will certainly be a plus here, and as I already stated in the Stryker thread, thank you for your service.

First let me say thank you for your service to OUR country. Second, when the lead starts flying keep your head low. (Come Home Safe!) Lastly, Welcome to the Forums. :m1: