New Forum layout...


The fire is everything
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What do you think about the "new" forum layout??

Colors, link placement, ads, features etc....

What's good and what's bad??

This forum is for you (and a bit for me..)...
So I wan't to make a forum that you all like...

Speak out.. I can take it... (I think... :? )
Looking really good, Redleg.
Like I've said before, I'm not much on the artistic creative side, so I couldn't really tell you anything that I think needs improvement, it all looks pretty slick to me.
Don't get cocky, Redleg.. :p

you haven't heard the female version of it.. Let me take a look.. :twisted:

and I'll brb in this discussion..

Muhahah.. 8)
Yeah, I love the snowflakes..

And everything is perfect on the MilForum..

i can't see a thing more to add or change.. :D
SilverPhoenix said:
i can't see a thing more to add or change.. :D

But I have only just begun to upgrade the forum! :D

Still have a couple of big things to add, but it will take some time, and cost me some money... :?

So spread the word to everyone you know, and send them to the forum. :D
I need some more members before I can add the last features.

Merry Christmas once again...... :santa:
Uhmm, Yeah, What friends? :?

I can send my boyfriend to this place though..

He loves to talk about the Wrodl War II and strategic things.. :roll:

Maybe he will fit.. And that will be your christmas gift, Redleg.. :p
SilverPhoenix said:
Maybe he will fit.. And that will be your christmas gift, Redleg.. :p

Your boyfriend as my christmas gift????? :shock:

All I can say to that is: :eek:fftopic:

Way off.....

(don't know if you ment it the way that it sounded.... but it didn't sound good at all.... :wink: )
Err, I didn't mean it like that..

Ehem.. :oops:

I meant I will bring him into the forum..

and he is mine, he will just be a member.. :?

I'll tell you, I am really BLONDE sometimes!

Esepcially when I try to write the swedish words right into the english...

But I didn't mean it as that, I meant you can have a new member as a christmas gift..

I dunno what has happened to me, but my head is all slow and I feel like someone have put me with head down and feet up.. :?

I used to be good at explaining myself, but I have kinda lost the inspiration to do things..

Feels like I have become really stupid..

Wait, I can't become something I already is.. :lol:
^^^^^^couldn't have said it better!!!!

I miss the snowflakes.... hey could we have falling like bullets or something? or ummmm like idk... lol... something cool... its entertaining to those of us who have no life :-D
It should be easy to add something like that, but It could be a bit distracting for someone... :?
Yeah, I think that might get a bit annoying after the first time.
Geez, you kids always need something moving around to keep your attention. :wink: :lol:
Well, Not that I didn't like the snowflakes..

But artillery and bullets things?

Well, That would almost take out the fun of the holidays where Redleg could make something like this...

And having it all the time would be to much..

But he could by that matter have special days for special falling .. err.. things?

And Redneck, Don't be like that, you mean just becaus I am young I need something to whine about? :?

Well, I will not confess to any crime as that..

And that is final... :p

Haha, I can be any way I want, SilverPhoenix, because I put the "Arrrr" in Army.

:lol: :lol:
falling things..... *evil smile* but yeah, have maybe certain days... but i like the exploding artillery :D

can we say, erm, easily amused?