New Deployments To Steady Numbers

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Washington Times
October 1, 2008
Pg. 2

Six Army brigades, a National Guard unit and three military headquarters have been ordered to Iraq next summer in a move that would allow the U.S. to keep the number of troops largely steady there through much of next year.
The planned deployments involve about 26,000 troops and would maintain 14 combat brigades in Iraq from about February to early fall. But the decisions do not rule out potential changes as military leaders assess the security there and eye more troop withdrawals.
Even as violence in Iraq has plunged in the past year, Pentagon leaders have resisted calls for more rapid troop pullouts. Instead, top commanders insist the security situation remains fragile and that the improvements are reversible.
That assessment was reflected in a report sent to Congress Tuesday, in which the Pentagon expressed concern in the turnover to Iraqi government control - beginning Wednesday - of tens of thousands of Sunni fighters who turned against al Qaeda with U.S. support. About 100,000 of the fighters - many former insurgents - are now on the U.S. payroll.