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Hello all.

im some 14 year old aussie kid who like death metal martial arts and laser skirmish (not good enought for paintball yet :lol: )

very little mil history great gandfather was in WWII

i love Black Hawk Down. i have a laser skirmish squad (well its really just 6 mates who happen to be on the same team at the same time but im hoping to get ...well better)

i play alot of war video games and i know a far bit about CT/HRU

i found this site whilst looking for bhd quotes

i love snipers. every game i play im allways a sniper. I think the .300 tatical is the greatest rifle ever. but thats just me
Finally, another Aussie roughly my age :lol:
Welcome to the forums mate, enjoy yourself here.
BTW Black Hawk Down is my Fav movie, not as good as the book though