Need some help with a quote...:)


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Hey guys, just regged my self on this forum :)
Well fact is I just stumbled upon it, while searching the net for some good to know quotes, and well, it really seems quite perfect 8)
So far my impressions been really nice^^
Anyways, on to the subject.
I´ve been having alittle debate with a guy on another forum, about the importance of the individual "regular" soldier in a war. According to him to the regular "G.I Joe" type does not matter, aslong as the "group" or "campaign" is allright. Which I, to be honest, think is really ridicolous, since it´s the "basic grunts" who really wins the battles, not the spec ops, high coms or whatever.
So, I thought i´d heard a quote long ago, about the importance of the individual, most probably by Sun Tzu I believe.
I would really want a good quote about just that, to prove my point in a really nice way :)
Sorry about ocassional bad spelling, as Im swedish :p
/thanks Exzjin
Welcome to the forum, Exzjin.

Sorry, I can't think of one that would fit the bill right off the top of my head, but I'll keep my eyes open.