Need help with question!


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I am currently engaged in a debate . Could someone please answer the following question:

A friend maintains that before the Eisenhower administration, members of the military were NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE! Supposedly some sort of conflict of interest thing. I say that that IS NOT true! If it is, it would be the first I've ever heard about it...Can anyone help?
I have never heard of that either, I will do some research on it, I got a history major buddy I will get back to you
Thank you so much for your reply thebrahmagr81. I asked my father who was career Air Force since the '50's and he had never heard of such a thing either. I thought it was a crock of you-know-what...
its just one of those you wouldnt believe how many people though i didnt pay taxes because i was in the military...

I paid state, federal, and local taxes every day I was in the military. Social security too. And i still get that from people. Sheesh
If that rule did exist, everyone would have heard of it, just like women didn't have the right to vote way back when.