Need Help Identifying Helmets....


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I am in desperate need of some help identifying these helmets, I belive they are from WWII but I am not sure. I would really like to have a short description about them and what they may be worth. I am going to try and sell them so if anybody is interested let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Here are the pics:
Hey, number 000_0156 is my old helmet... :lol:

We used those in the Norwegian Army until a few years ago.
The good old "Steel Pot".. :D

It's an American Vietnam war helmet, and I belive it's called M1.
more info here:
Maybe worth around $100 (-), you are missing a couple of pieces from the inside of it.

Don't know about the other ones.
It would be great if they were from WWI, older = more money!! But I guess they are not. It seems like one of them is definately the M1 helmet now if I could only get a confirmation on the other two. Thanks for all the help so far.
000_0157)looks like either pre or early Bitish WWII
000_0159) i think its a late WWI either Aussie or British hat.
000_0160)looks Russian somehow (not sure though)
0159 is not an aussie hat it looks more like the German colonial hat from WW1. If you want me to identify it you can email me some better photos. Does it have the holes for badges on either side of the hat? Can you do a pic in daylight?

The first two seem to be an M1 of Vietnam vinytage and a British helmet but I would like to see more pics to be sure onthe British one.
The first two are from the Vietnam war era, however the second is missing the inner liner to secure the helmet to the head. :m1:

As stated, M1 with Vietnam-era "Leaf" pattern cover. British WWII MkII but with some odd liner that's mostly gone. Pith helmet of some type - any markings inside?