Need help from real infantrymen


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Right now im an engineer in the Louisiana Natl. Guard and have an opportunity to go with a whole mechanized infantry battalion to iraq, make some money, be crosstrained in infantry over there and earn my combat infantry patch. Im interested but I would like to know if im making the right decision im 18, out of high school and thinking about going to college soon but I want to see the world 1st and have some experiences.
if you are already MOSQ than you can go to the Nat'l G 2 week infantry course and get your cord. I would recommend that because you are not going to be doing a lot of "engineer" type stuff. Unless you like digging a lot, and blowing up mines. Well at least in the engineers you have buldozers instead of e-tools.
If you don't feel you are ready, don't go. As things are now, you will have plenty of opportunity within the next few years. Take the time to prepare yourself mentally and physically for whatever road you wish to take later. A lot of people don't get the option to decide if they want to go or not. Take advantage of that, and don't rush yourself if you aren't sure. You've got plenty of time.

Btw, you aren't going to get much INF training in Iraq right now. You'll learn how to be an MP, how to locate EOD no matter where they are, and construction, lots and lots.
I agree with Rnder about how much real infantry training you could expect to get in Iraq. Get yourself into to Infantry school and then if you feel you still want to go the iraq route, by all means do so. You'll be better equipped and know a lot more about what to expect. I don't know much about the 2 week NG course that JagerWolf mentioned but if that's your option, go for it.
the 2 week 11B course is ONLY for men who are ALREADY MOSQed in another field. It is run by the nasty guard and is a joke, much like everything else.
What makes you say that course is a joke? Is it just because it's run by the National Guard? I'll tell you what, I gained a large amount of respect for the Guard after serving with some of them in Desert Storm.
BTW, I see by your profile that your an Academy cadet, true? The guy next to me (next office) is a class of '89 grad.
I was in the guard before, I came here. My unit is in Iraq, but i cam here, don't I feel like the ass hole. Way to go B Co. !/120th
I can't tell you how to feel but I don't think you should feel badly about not going to Iraq. After all once you graduate you'll be able to contribute to whatever unit you're assigned to in a positive way. You'll have the advantage of being an officer who has had a taste of what the world looks like from the enlisted side of the house. One of the best officers I ever worked with had a similar background. He was assigned to my Scout platoon right after he got commissioned (I was PSG). The first thing he said to me was something like "Sarge, I know you've been around this unit for a long time and I just got here. Take me under your wing and show me the ropes, would you?". We had a mutual respect for each other and the rest of the platoon saw that and responded in kind. That was probably the finest platoon of Light Infantry Scouts that I have ever seen. Actually, I would say that the whole company's performance rose to the challenge as well. Just do yourself a favor, don't come out of West Point with the stereotypical "ring knocker" arrogance. People will expect it from you but don't give them the satisfaction. BTW, when do you graduate?
Any training you can get is good training. Many NG courses are top schools. The NG ran an Air Assault school at Davis Field in OK in the early 90's that was no cake walk. Check around and don't take the first advice you get. And no offence but the Officers that served in the enlisted ranks first are much better officers. Most NG instructors served on active duty and continued their careers in the NG. Of course you can take the word of some Cadet who has no clue what the real military is like outside in the real world.
Please enlighten me on this "real world" it sounds so interesting. I guess being a grenadier in a line unit doesn't count as the real world military. The polite thing to do would be to ask where I got my information from. But if you are going to question my integrity you might as well just come out and say it.
I have one question, how can you be a 95BV5 with only 6 yrs. TIS? What you are saying is that you are an senior NCO MP, with a Ranger Tab. Unless you were an MP in Regiment(which doesn't have MPs) you would be hard pressed to get RNGR school, E8 usually take 14-18 years to get. The proper designation would be a 95B50V. Skill level goes before special skill designator. If I am wrong please correct me.