Need a deployment quote for a family deployment guide



I'm looking for a modern or more recent quote than the one I currently have by Haile Selassie upon the invasion by Italy in 1935 in regards to deployment or leaving loved ones behind, etc. Need ASAP. Thanks! :D
I don't know quite exactly if this'll fit, but here goes:

'Man has two supreme loyalties-to country and to family. With most men the second, being more personal, is the stronger. So long as their families are safe they will defend their country, believing that by their sacrifice they are safeguarding their families also. But even the bonds of patriotism, discipline, and comradeship are loosened when the family is threatened. The soldier feels instinctively that if he was at home he could at least fight for the immediate protection of his family, work to gain food for it, and at worst, die with it. But when the enemy is closer than he is, the danger and his fears are magnified by his remoteness. Every letter, every rumour is a strain on his nerves and on his sense of duty.

Hence the deadliest form of strategy in a war between nations is that which sets the two loyalties in opposition and so impose a breaking strain on the will of the soldier. This "tug of war" in the soldier's mind can be created by giving a deeper sense and wider scope to the military idea of the "rear attack"-by developing it into an attack against the rear of a people, not merely of an army.'

-Captain Sir Basil Liddell Hart
Quote for deployment guide


THANK YOU Acerbus! This is perfect. Are you still with the Rangers? I'm in USACAPOC(A)...same MACOM.

Anywho. Thanks!
Sorry, I'm not in the Rangers, or in the Army for that matter. Still just in High School. But I'm enlisting right after, Rangers Lead the Way!