neat find

doesn't look like anything of millitary significance to me. We know trend in naval warfare is toward littoral combat with a focus on stealth and we know what these next-gen ships look like. This little thing looks much more like a custom made recreational boat than anything with a practical millitary use.

I can more easily imagine a 50 year old multi-millionaire CEO taking his guests abord his new james-bondish play toy than I can imagine Navy SEALS using it for an ultra-top-secret mission.
"The U.S. Navy does have a $9 million contract with Oregon Ironworks to build two boats, but a spokesman for the company says that despite "looking similar to the naked eye", the boat being tested on the river and the boats destined for the Navy are "not similar at all."

Looks like to me as if it was funded by the navy so who knows.
that things pretty sweet, and im sure whoever is buying it is paying a big chunk of change for it. i dont really trust the guy who said that the navy boats are different, they are probably the same except the Navy version is more advanced and has top-secret stuff in it.

also, i cant see an elite unit using it for unconventional warfare or the like, but what about reconnaisance of hostile beaches? infiltration of spies? maybe follow bad guy ships around, who knows?
SOG or CIA (SR-71,U-2, etc.) know how to hide secrets better than letting their new boat outside at daytime... repeatedly... over weeks.

You can theorize but you can also look at an RC car and theorize that America is planning to use new supper IEDs to take out enemy tanks!!!
Missileer said:
I'd like to see how she does in twenty foot swells on the North Atlantic.

Umm, pretty damn sure youre going to need a submarine for that Missileer. :lol: