NCdt Steliga, what he flies and where...

Well, I'm not a Military Pilot, if that's what you were getting at 1217. I've done my flight training through Air Cadets.

I fly the Schweizer SGS 2-33A Gliders (and any other gliders I can get my hands on), and Cessna 172's.

The reason I don't fly any CF aircraft is:

a) I'm in the Navy, and the AF does all of the flying in the CF; and
b) I have glasses.
CF stands for 'Canadian Forces'.

I really don't mind anyone asking anything about the Canadian Forces. I'll be happy to respond to any other questions.
I should have looked at your location and guessed that. :oops:
but now your previous post makes sense to me :D
Here in the Netherlands the AF does all the flying to, exept for a very small group of helicopters. Those are flown by the Navy.

The picture doesn't show it really well, but that ship isn't as big as the USS Nimitz... it can only have one chopper on board at a time.
Oh I almost forgot, the dutch Navy also has ten Lockheed P3C-Orions.

But some minister is trying to shut them down to save money.
I hate it when they do that. :m16shoot:
Yeah, I hate it when the Defence Minister has the bright idea of getting rid of our aircraft as well. I'm happy that we're replacing the CH-124 Sea King Helicopters, but I'm not happy that we're supposedly getting rid of our CF-18 Hornets. Apparently, Canada doesn't need Tactical Fighter Squadrons. :x
This also may be :eek:fftopic: . But is there any sites about the Canadian Military. I would like to learn more about them... :eek:fftopic:
The best site to go for intel on the CF is

It's the official website of the Canadian Forces. You'll find almost anything you want to know there. If you want the website for the Cadets, it's